21 February, 2012

Testing from my phone.

Trying out the blogger app on my phone. This is nice. Oh, how our technology has advanced. Funny how in the future we'll have even better advances than this. Unless the apocalypse happens. Hope not though. *fingers crossed*

30 November, 2011

Return of the Whale Rider. Ooo!

Currently listening to "Road to Joy" whilst writing this post. I guess that sentence doesn't have a concrete verb--curse you, English major! I figured out how to put my whale picture back up on the blog. Many courteous thank yous to Abel Mason Perry for photoshopping me. I should have closed my fist so that it looks better as I hold the whale tack. I'm not sure if that's the right term since not many ride whales. I got that term from a horse tack...you know?...like horse equipments? Ha! Me neither. I had to google that--welcome to the future, where google is a verb.

Gearing towards the last two weeks of school--then it's Christmas season! YAY! Man, even just taking two classes at the U drains me of all motivation to do anything. I can't imagine how all the higher-ups are doing--them kids and their 5000+ level classes. I can't wait for these two weeks to be over. I have, so far, a paper due for ENG 3600 about Irigaray's essay which demystifies conventional views of sexuality--there I go again, incorporating my awkward writing--and a paper in my ENG 3701 about ekphrasis: in which I'll interpret Saussure's theory of the sign and also the work of Sir Thomas More (Utopia). If you're confused, imagine writing the paper. I have decided that a majority of the times, when I write a paper, I learn about the reading material as I write. I'm sure it's one of the reasons why papers are written--that and how much you've payed attention--but I feel like I didn't do my reading at all. *cough* Here's to the last two weeks of my first semester at the U! My obstacle before Christmas. To Garrett: Let's just pass...fffuck.

Christmas is coming up! Did I mention that? Well, Christmas is coming up. Aren't we excited? Yes. Yes, we are. I am prepared for the mistake I'll make by having to pay interest on my credit card this year, but I am planning on at least getting all the ones I love something little for Christmas. Ideas circulate *run list of gifts and people through my head* and the hunt begins! For all my friends who like to smoke [tobacco], should I just get them that? I mean I would have to meet up with a [tobacco store] and do sketchy business in a dark [grocery aisle] and that kind of scares me. Just don't buy shit from [Andreas]...that one was intentional. You can insert whatever name you'd like if you want. "Hhhhere's an eighth."

As an early Christmas present to myself, I have been making some deals on the kidrobot forums--which is starting to get addicting. At least it is cheaper to buy them from decent people at a fair price than to continue searching blind boxes and get doubles, which I can trade on the forums as well--thank you, kid in Cali. Exciting. Also, looking forward to weighing blind boxes at work tomorrow. What up, Chris.

I can't look back and see how many mistakes I have made. The passive and the comma splices are going to haunt me. They are meshing with my idiosyncratic speech. I can either get better or censor myself.

Welcome back, Whale Rider. Good Luck, Finals week. Merry, Christmas.

29 August, 2011

Letters to the past.

Dear Mason, circa 1997,

I apologize for calling "second first." I was childish and aimed to be cool and hip with the young crowd. In my defense, I blame Andrew Park--that conniving son of a bitch--him and his mule of plans to destroy our friendship; I say "NAY!" to his false ways and have finally come collected these many years to understand my mistakes. I do this in hopes that we can shake hands and forget what had happened that day. But, in all sincerity, I have forgotten much of what happened that day--possibly because of the many years' gap. Also, apologies to Andrew Park, he may not be a son of a bitch, but may have grown to be a fine latter day saint--or a conniving one--to that I am uncertain. But, I digress once more. Cheers, young/present Mason. For we have these days ahead of us to gossip and wallop about our young adversaries.

Your chap,
Jonathan Do

18 June, 2011

Our mind can control our narrative.

I have been watching a little bit of Waking Life when the ability to create is in our mind was discussed. Crazy idea how there is a vast media of story telling where many prefer a visual, say movies and such, but then there are some that believe literature is better. With movies we already have the one eye and how we see this story as it is or as someone else had imagined before but had created a visual. However, when we write something or start a story by saying something like "A witch runs into a knight" we can make something up in what can be like our own free will in our minds. Right off the back, we can even render this ambiguously: a witch runs into AND KNOCK HEADS WITH a knight, or to confront. In our minds, it is flexible, tangible, and even lucid. It is not until we put it to a visual for everyone to see the same thing that it is stripped of it's power; the full effect of story-telling becomes less affective. I am not saying that movies aren't amazing or great, but just that we as a society don't realize the potential and power of our minds. There were times when movies were people recollecting stories of the past from one generation to another. In our minds, we are able to create a vast pane of imagery where we can size-up, change, or color whatever we chose.

This got me to thinking, what if as a series of "paintings," you put a few words in a frame and let the mind paint whatever it likes? It could be part of an exhibit that focuses on the mind. I am sure this has been done--perhaps--but the idea of it is still fascinating to me. I here then leave a few "paintings" for you. What images go through your mind when you read these? Enjoy.

21 January, 2011

Lets shake hands!

In future posts--if I ever take a long time to add another message--I am NOT going to address every post with "I know I haven't posted anything in a while." But for now, I know I haven't posted anything in a long time. Hell, I don't think anyone even gets on here anymore. The only person who really reads this anymore is Kara, and that has done some troubles. *Hahaha* I kid I kid, but truth. Is it grammatically right to add asterisks to a laugh? Am I a grammarian now? A Linguist wouldn't give a shit. Let us be Linguists today then, shall we? My velum no likes the way me glottis works.

Is it just me or does blogger suck on account that I cannot change the primary email of my log in? Seeing how Blogger is associated with Google, I was told that a gmail account cannot be used as a primary log in, and why is that? Has the migration of account to servers done nothing for you? Why must I log out of my gmail account every time I am on blogger--seeing as I am on blogger all the time. *cough* If anyone can prove me wrong on my failed endeavor, then feel free to do so. Anyone listening out there? Hello? World? Alright I'm gonna get naked and shower now..........................................aaaannnddd the inside humor continues. Correction: lets be Brits, and rephrase: aaannnddd the inside humour continues. Most excellent indeed. What's that you say? The correction of my grammatical mistakes of the interpretation of BRITISH people--pardon my American tongue--is incorrect by your standards. My apologies, sires and madams, but we are merely Linguists today! *hahahaha* *Smokes pipe*

Anyways, it seems to me that I always end up typing on here out of frustration. In which I stand corrected when my Professor told me--in his knowledgeable-monotonous voice (it works but the two counteract one another)--that writing is best when invoked with rage, frustration, and grief, which leads me to agree that writing well can be the best revenge.

As for a usual, let's add a picture that will confuse and amaze. Thank you and good night.

11 July, 2010

no subject

With wealth & fame comes uneasiness.
Kurt Cobain was there & had perfect aim.
I could easily do the same,
But my pockets are empty & I'm nameless
...Plus, I don't own a shot gun.

06 June, 2010

Let Us Start This Summer...With A Blog. *Objects Thrown At Speaker*


Yup, an old man hit me as I was clearing an intersection. I think out of fear, and at that point, shaken from the whole fiasco, I didn't talk to the officer much in which he agreed that I [Jonathan Do] had the right of way. I do believe I was right, the light turned red as I looked up and you know how my manual skills are in 1st gear so I was prolly in the intersection for 2 seconds or so before moving. Evidence that could possibly, if not most likely, prove me right is that: 1) 2 seconds in the intersection. 2) There had been a truck stopped at the line on the opposite side of the road, in which secured my thoughts of "Yes, I can clear it now" 3) the intersection wasn't big seeing how the only lanes able to turn was mine because headed north bound would have been an off ramp. 4) To coincide with #3, the old man wasn't going too fast, giving him time to stop. And 5) He hit my rear passenger side showing yeah he ran a red. Now, let's see, I got hit March 9th. I had to go to a pre-trial, in which all that happened was "Tell us what you're doing. Do you want to pay the ticket now?" kind of deal. I set a bench trial for June 17th. I get a letter in the mail recently that my bench trial, as it may have been rescheduled, is not on September 13th. I was hoping to get this over with. Justice shit really takes a long time. I should just pay the damn $90 and get it over with but then my insurance would go up. Now, I'm not pissed about the ticket because of the old man and I have no intentions of getting him in trouble, but the damned officer did not know what the fuck he was doing. For Christ sake [Sorry, JC], he had me sign with a highlighter. I hope it'll be over soon.

Okay, now to what I was originally here for. So, for my final project in photo I picked the theme Portraiture. I've always meant to post them up just for fun and for people to see them and such because, let's face it, they're pretty nigh. Nigh as in nice, not near. Damn English folk. As I post these, I hope that Blogger doesn't have the same damned policy shit as Facebook. I hear that Facebook is able to take any of the photos you upload and use/sell them to their own benefit. Yeah, way to put that in the small print and benefit off someone else's work. They're prolly making lots of money off it. "Yeah, maybe. But at least I won't be unoriginal." Name that movie. Anywhoo, it was fun to finally get our Mason project underway. All that's left is to get a big sized print for above your fireplace. I also need a photo printer too. Yes, NEED not WANT. I'm looking at you, Mason. Communal Photo Printer? Oh, and kids can be great tattoo artists. Until, one draws a Penis Tiger.

Sorry, Kawa. I'll make you another Print.

06 April, 2010

Mustached Men, Minus Mason...

So, for my photo assignment on a modern photographer, I picked Autumn de Wilde, who is known for her photos of such famous artists as Elliott Smith, Death Cab for Cutie, The White Stripes, Fiona Apple, and Beck to name a few. Wow, and already I'm choppy on my writing. Tsk' Tsk'. But I just wrote a 5 page essay on Twelfth Night, or What You Will. I've Accomplished my writing for the day. What? You say a good writer has always, gots to be on the ball? I'm sorry, is the pope supposed to be a bunny? Need I remind you that I [nor any of the other fellas] have been on blogger, typed on blogger, or posted 10 top listers [I'm even messing that up] in a very long time. Let me get back in the flow. In the meantime, enjoy that photo above. It's somewhat a retrospect to some Elliott Smith pictures of him with electrical taped mustaches. Thanks to Alex for putting it together in Photoshop, Mason for resizing, revamping, whatever, and to me for putting an awesome name on the picture. Alex's ColonBine was a close second...there were only two names. Oh and here are mustached men a capella-ing Kakariko village.

KakarikoVillageWithMustachedMen. from Jonathan Do on Vimeo.

Side Note: Yeah it's been a while. But, in case you forgot, you can click on the picture to enlarge it.

13 January, 2010

Ha! Thank God I just like literature...

I found these popping up around Filmdrunk and WarmingGlow but if anyone knows where they're from or found more post them up...

Update 1/22: Just found out that those are Quentin's hands.